Monday, December 26, 2016

Top reasons to Install Aluminum Access Hatch in Your House.

Access hatch in your roof is a practical utility that is definitely a necessity.  It enhances accessibility by seamlessly blending with surrounding interior fixtures. Aluminum and steel are predominantly chosen over other materials that are used in the manufacture of roof hatches.  
Access hatches need to be sturdy and durable as it is a direct link between a house and the exterior or attic. Access hatches permit easy maintenance and cleaning of equipment located on the roof of the building. The hatch has to be easily accessible but at the same time secured with a fail safe and sturdy locking system. If the access hatches are not made to specifications or precision, significant heat loss and air leaks may occur. This could turn out to be a problem in cold climatic conditions.

 Ideal requisites for an access hatch

•The roof access hatch must be well insulated and weather proof to sustain both heat and cold.
•It should be easy to handle and require minimal maintenance.
•It should be easy to lock for security purpose.
•It should withstand severe weather conditions
•Roof hatches can be either sliding or retractable type
•It generally comes along with a roof access hatch ladder for easy access that can be towed.

Why aluminum is a good option

The properties of aluminum render it an amazing option to use as an access hatch. Its lightweight, yet durable structure makes for a sturdy access hatch. It is very resistant to corrosion and rust if maintained properly.  It is strong enough to withstand hurricanes.  Roof access hatches usually come with aluminum ladders.  Aluminum is considered to be highly recyclable material. 

Strength and color of hatches and ladder

The ratio of aluminum to other metals as an alloy determines its strength. The hatches come in a variety of colors and finishes, blending with the home interiors and providing seamless finish. The access hatches are custom made as per the requirements of the home owner by renowned companies.  Some of the access hatches are reinforced with fiber glass for additional protection and insulation.    

Choosing a reputed company with expertise for installing roof hatches is key to a good product, as a professional finishing is mandatory. This also ensures high quality roof materials and superior craftsmanship. After all, who wouldn’t want experienced hands working on the safety of their home?

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Important Facts about Heavy-Duty Pivot Hinges

A pivot hinge is installed on the floor as well as the top of the door frame. Pivot Hinges are usually used on extra-heavy or high-traffic doors. They can bear a lot more weight as the weight of the door is supported by the bottom arm and the floor rather than the door frame. This reduces the stress on the frame and prevents the door and frame from sagging.

There is a huge selection of Pivots hinges including adjustable tension surface mounted and mortise pivots. You can also come across a wide array of commercial storefront door offset pivots and center hung door pivots as well.

The choice of type of hinges mainly depends on:

•Application, whether the use is for doors, gates, cabinets, ventilators, etc.
•Location, whether indoors or outdoors.
•Use, whether for industrial, commercial, residential, public offices, schools etc.
•Door mass.
•The frequency of use.
•Hinge mounting surfaces and location.
•Hinge material, maintenance, painting coats etc.

When you take the above factors into consideration, you can decide the requirement for the use of heavy-duty pivot hinges. If it is for the movement of heavy doors, such as in a school where the frequency of usage is high and outdoor uses like school gates, heavy-duty pivot hinges come to the rescue. In such cases, heavy-duty pivot hinges become the ideal choice. Similarly, any other use of heavy-duty pivot hinges will depend on these factors.

A door weighing 500kg and above with a frequency of use being more than 5000 full cycle operations per day will require heavy-duty pivot hinges. 

Some location preferences will decide the use of heavy-duty hinges with dust controlled seals. Most of these heavy-duty hinges remain maintenance-free for many years. Such heavy duty pivot hinges are mostly made out of materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel that require no painting while these hinges are robust and suitable for use in outdoors as well as indoors, at the same time.

Regarding the security and other safety requirements, heavy-duty pivot hinges, like many other hinges, should confirm to the local federal codes for fire performance, disability codes to help the differently-abled individuals and security codes for tamper proof performance.

Some doors have pivot hinges which allow doors to open in both the directions and return automatically to the closed position. Also, the condition of the surface on which these heavy-duty pivots are to be mounted has to be inspected and strengthened depending on other factors like door mass and the frequency of use etc.

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Friday, October 21, 2016


Louvered doors have come to be very popular nowadays. If you are looking to install a brand new design of steel door louvers to your house, there will be many benefits awaiting you such as ventilation, stylish interior design, space optimization and the like. The most important aspect that these doors take care of is the aspect of maintaining connection between various parts of a house. The stark feeling of isolation upon closing doors is eliminated through using louvered doors (especially in children’s rooms). Steel louvers can be just the thing you are looking for. They are manufactured differently for commercial, residential and industrial uses, as per relevant safety and performance standards.

Steel is a durable metal. It is manufactured to withstand harsh conditions and last long. For all your exterior fenestration where you require louvers, steel is the material you should go for. This material can last long. Its appearance can be altered at wish, in order to match the exterior of your home. Painting over steel is easy and requires no special skill.

Steel louvers have blades that are easily adjustable and require low upkeep. As compared to other metals, steel blades can be far easily managed and maintained. The bearings, hinges and all other components can be greased or cleaned at will. Steel door louvers are not easily breakable, and impart strength to the doors. The metal is strong and is able to withstand impact. Your steel louvers are bound to last you generations and not collapse during domestic accidents.

Steel louvers can be directly mounted on your walls as well, if mounting them on doors is not an option. All in all, they will prove to be a great addition to your home.

How to Opt for the Best Door Lite Kit Online

Everyone wants to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of their home.  Apart from the usage of decorative pieces and showy things, door lite kit is another way of doing that. Door lite kits not only enhance the look of your home but also serve as a utility. A door lite kit is a segment made out of glass embedded in a wooden or metal frame that allows light to pass through the door panel.

Apart from enhancing the look of your door it provides you with an extra layer of security while bringing ample light inside your home. Door lite kit fixed on a door prevents heat, noise and rain entering your home while giving you a clear view of the outside. The corners are mitered enabling it to be used with different types of glass such as tempered glass, wire-shield glass, and windstorm safe glass.

To choose the best door lite online, you should consider those pointers.

•Materials: You should be concerned about the material of the glass used by door lite kit. For energy efficient performance you can choose insulated glass. The insulated glass will contain most of the heat or cold outside and inside while providing a decent amount of light. People living in regions that are prone to be affected by heavy rain and storms should use severe windstorm approved door lite kits that provide safety from wind-borne debris.

•Privacy: If you want to ensure your privacy with proper ventilation, you can choose translucent or frosted glass for your door lite kits. For additional safety, you can install metal grills on the glass to keep yourself protected. You can also use mini-blinds to maintain your privacy.

•Enhancing the Aesthetics: Door lite kits are available in different styles that you can choose from according to your preferences and budget. With thick doors, you can use superlite glass with glazing tape. By using a round frame, you can give your door lite a porthole look. For some beauty, you can use wooden veneer frame on your doors. Previously, door lite kits were used for lighting and ventilation purposes, but in modern society, they have taken an aesthetic form and are used for decorative purposes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The 5 Best Things about Roof Access Hatches

Roofs on modern buildings and houses often have a lot of equipment mounted on them. There may be satellite dishes, heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning installations, solar panels, window cleaning systems, lift rooms, mobile towers or safety equipment. To get to all these things you need roof access hatches. They usually consist of a hinged door opening onto the roof. Read on to know the five best things about roof access hatches.

•Utility: With so much equipment installed on the roof, you have to get to it at some time or the other either for installation, cleaning or maintenance. You may happen to have a roof garden too. Then you would want to get on to the roof daily. Even if you just like to sit on the roof of your house and hang out, you need a convenient way to get there. That’s where roof access hatches come into use.

•Safety: Working on roofs is dangerous work at the best of times. So, it’s in everybody’s best interest to make getting to the roof safe. A roof access hatch directly opens onto the roof from within the building. It is so much safer than running a lift, ladder or work platform up to the roof from outside.

•Convenience: With the kind of stuff you may have on the roof, you often have to get there with heavy things in your hands. You don’t have any hand free to stabilize yourself or hold a ladder. With the direct access, it provides to the roof; you can carry any heavy stuff through the roof access hatch easily.

•Versatility: Roof access hatches come in many varieties. There are ones with insulation to keep the heat or cold outside. Some are combination skylights with roof hatches to allow light to enter. Some roof access hatches come with complete staircases for easy access to the roof.

•Security: Having a roof access hatch does not mean giving easy access to an intruder. Roof access hatches lock firmly. In fact, you can even get extra reinforced ones with high-security locks. The security of your house and its members is taken care of while providing you easy access to the roof.

With these advantages, you would certainly agree that it makes sense to build a roof access hatch in your house.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to High-Quality Bommer Hinges

A good quality door hinge is very necessary for having a well-designed door. Though it constitutes a small part of a door’s hardware, they serve an important purpose. These are essential for the functionality of your door. Door hinges attach one edge of the door to the frame and enable the other edge to swing, allowing what is otherwise a plank of wood to actually be identified as a door.

If you are searching for hinges for the door of your office or home, you will find Bommer hinges suitable for all your needs. Bommer is a 125-year-old company which manufactures high-quality door hinges in the USA. Bommer’s products are durable, versatile, and dependable. They function well in heavy-duty conditions and rarely need any repairs or servicing. Bommer hinges come in different categories like Double Acting Spring Hinges, Swing Clear Hinges, Wide Throw Architectural Hinges, Pivot Hinges, etc. to name a few.

 Here are few tips you will find useful when purchasing high-quality Bommer hinges

  • Enumerate your needs: The first thing you should do before buying door hinges has figured out your needs. You need to consider the uses of the door, where it will be installed, does it require extensive or heavy duty applications, etc. By figuring out the purpose of the door, you can easily decide which type of door hinges is best for your requirements. Aluminum hinges are well-suited to domestic use while steel should be used for commercial doors. Garage doors should be fitted with spring edges.

  • Measure the door: After determining the purpose of the door the hinges that need to be fitted on, the next thing you have to do is measure its size and list down all specifications like height, weight, dimensions, thickness, etc. Exterior residential door hinges come in different size and zigzag patterns while interior door hinges have an arch pattern.

  • Count the number of hinges: Lastly, you need to count the number of hinges required. Most doors have three hinges. Count the number of doors in your house or office that need new or replacement hinges. You should list it down to avoid making a mistake.

Bommer is leading suppliers of superior quality hinges. They are very easy to install without any additional costs and hence preferred by many contractors and carpenters who work on doors. Bommer hinges are an excellent value for money investment. If you want to get more details about them, you can always contact a trusted seller of Bommer Hinges.