Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The 5 Best Things about Roof Access Hatches

Roofs on modern buildings and houses often have a lot of equipment mounted on them. There may be satellite dishes, heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning installations, solar panels, window cleaning systems, lift rooms, mobile towers or safety equipment. To get to all these things you need roof access hatches. They usually consist of a hinged door opening onto the roof. Read on to know the five best things about roof access hatches.

•Utility: With so much equipment installed on the roof, you have to get to it at some time or the other either for installation, cleaning or maintenance. You may happen to have a roof garden too. Then you would want to get on to the roof daily. Even if you just like to sit on the roof of your house and hang out, you need a convenient way to get there. That’s where roof access hatches come into use.

•Safety: Working on roofs is dangerous work at the best of times. So, it’s in everybody’s best interest to make getting to the roof safe. A roof access hatch directly opens onto the roof from within the building. It is so much safer than running a lift, ladder or work platform up to the roof from outside.

•Convenience: With the kind of stuff you may have on the roof, you often have to get there with heavy things in your hands. You don’t have any hand free to stabilize yourself or hold a ladder. With the direct access, it provides to the roof; you can carry any heavy stuff through the roof access hatch easily.

•Versatility: Roof access hatches come in many varieties. There are ones with insulation to keep the heat or cold outside. Some are combination skylights with roof hatches to allow light to enter. Some roof access hatches come with complete staircases for easy access to the roof.

•Security: Having a roof access hatch does not mean giving easy access to an intruder. Roof access hatches lock firmly. In fact, you can even get extra reinforced ones with high-security locks. The security of your house and its members is taken care of while providing you easy access to the roof.

With these advantages, you would certainly agree that it makes sense to build a roof access hatch in your house.

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