Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Aluminum Vents Louvers: Practical, Functional and Elegant

Barring a few exceptions buildings have always relied on ventilation from the Middle Ages.  Louvers and jalousies have always been an important aspect of buildings bringing in light and air. Over the years louvers have undergone changes in materials, and finish and design to the present elegant and highly secure models. Highlighted here are the designs aspects of louvers and how they help improve the appearance and comfort inside buildings.

Functional design feature, offering clean ventilation
Buildings that are not sufficiently ventilated have a stuffy and stale atmosphere. It is essential that all spaces are ventilated properly. Louvers are the most cost effective and natural solution for ventilation.  A simple design feature, louvers will blend in with any space, permitting the movement of air and light without the need for heavy maintenance or power.  A one-time installation is all that is required to ensure that the room is ventilated forever.

Esthetic design that helps lift the overall appearance and appeal of a building
The changes in design and materials over the years have translated into louvers that are elegant and appealing. The neat lines and excellence of the finish, contrast wonderfully with the walls to offer a neat and sophisticated look. The advances in materials and choice of colors have lent a wider platform for design expressions. Against the vast expanses of neatly painted walls, louvers adorn with an elegance that never ceases to impress. The powder coated finishes in various colors offer a range that makes it easy to mix and match across all designs.

Louvers are designed with uncompromising security
Louvers offer great security, generally made of cold rolled steel of a gauge that meets industry specifications.  The designs incorporate features where screws or parts are not visible on the outside. This has the twin effect of preventing attempts to remove the louvers, in addition to offering a pleasing visual design. The security screws and Y blades increase the safety aspect of louvers.  All access to buildings and spaces need to be safeguarded from break-ins and burglaries. Louvers increase the safety of buildings by offering ventilation without compromising on the safety.

The care that goes into the design and construction of a building should ideally spread to all areas, and louvers are definitely not an exception. Choose louvers from quality manufacturers sold by reputed dealers. This will ensure that this investment will last long, while improving the visual appeal of your building.

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